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Is it safe to wear make up everyday?

This world is a home to 7.8 billion people having 6 types of skin colors and 5 types of skin. Each type and color of skin needs to be taken care of. There are about 10 types of cosmetic and skin care products available in the market. This generation wants to look beautiful both men and women, thus they apply make up on their skin, specially faces, everyday and hunt for the best make up services in Mumbai or nearby areas.


There are a million advantages of applying make-up. It keeps your skin protected and nourished, makes you look and feel confident, gives you a picture-perfect face, helps you look younger, and many more. People spend millions in getting the best make-up service in Mumbai, to nourish their skin and make them look younger. Many even end up having multiple cosmetic surgeries or plastic surgeries. The film actresses and celebrities we see have glamourous skin and glow. This is because they apply high quality make up on their skin.

Any disadvantages?

Yes... consuming a thing more than required creates problems. Just like that, applying makeup on your skin everyday can have negative effects on your skin. The skin becomes dull, rough, dried, even causes premature aging, skin allergies, eye infection, cancer, acne and many more. Appling high quality make up regularly avoids all these problems but it comes at a very high price which one cannot afford in a daily basis. Many cannot afford best make up services in Mumbai or any other place. Moreover, racism gets promoted in our society by some advertisements which broadcast 'ONLY FAIRNESS IS BEAUTY".

Keeping care of your skin is required as it is exposed in pollution, harsh weather, germs 24*7 but, applying makeup on a regular basis can be harmful. One can always look up to the best makeup services in Mumbai but it can effect your pocket if used in daily basis. Each and every skin type, tone and color has its own beauty. People must avoid advertisements promoting racism and be proud of their natural skin. Mother nature made every one naturally beautiful.

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